Horoscope This Week... Panditji

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Check out how this week is likely to play out for you, as Panditji sees it...


You will bounce back to good spirits and a better time and rediscover your energy. This is a good time to make new plans. Discard the old hopes you have been clinging to and make a fresh start. Defer investments for some time.


Your doggedness will pay off and you will find yourself relieved by the resolution of some long-standing issues. You will realise that some of the complexities were created purely by lack of clear communication. There is a learning in this. A good time for exploring fresh job or business opportunities.


You need to take a close look at your health issues. Postponing will not help. In case of some of your projects, results will take time and you need to be patient. Your creativity will pay off in at least one of the ventures you are passionate about. Your holiday plans will take shape unexpected way.  A minor loss should not set you back.


A relationship will move in a new direction. You may have a few problems at work, but they can be resolved by setting pride and ego aside.  You will be rewarded with success in your business plans.


Low spirits may weigh you down for a few days. This is the time you need to find your inner strength. You have always been a source of support to others and you need to stay that way. Relatives could cause minor problems. Litigation could hinder progress on a property issue.


You need to go back to one consuming interest you have always had, be it art, music, theatre, or reading.  Health of a family member could cause some concern. Friends will prove to be a pillar of strength, yet again. Your decision to invest wisely may be a prudent one.


Patience is the key. If you want to resolve misunderstandings, you need to take one step ahead and walk the extra mile. You will feel relieved at the end.  It helps to be more flexible. If you are a student there is no better time. A relationship is beginning to blossom, but don’t move too fast. One little step at a time.


Health could be an issue for the next few days, but don’t let that put you down.  You should feel proud of what you have achieved and there is more success coming your way. Your investments will begin to yield good returns.


Trust your gut instinct when you want to be enterprising. Do not depend more than one should on the advice of friends.  Family members could create some unforeseen problems which you may have to resolve with wisdom and patience. If there’s a time for that getaway you have been planning, this is it.


A long pending matter will get resolved thanks to the intervention of some friends. If you are planning to invest in real estate—land, house or apartment, you may prefer to wait it out for a month or two.  Get pending health niggles out of the way.


If the storm in your emotional life has passed, do not feel upset any more. Don’t expect miracles to happen. It helps to be grounded. Workplace will be more lively over the next few days. This is a time to curb unnecessary expenses.


Calm those frazzled nerves. You may appear to be composed even as you are anxious about things. A piece of good news is likely to come your way to relieve you of your financial troubles. Attend to health problems immediately.

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