Reshmi AR

The next time you want to tell your spouse, partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, significant other or anyone else for that matter, that you need your own space, here's a phrase you could use. Tell them that you need to 'go into your head for a bit'.

A conversation on a subway in UK between a man and woman went viral, courtesy a friendly eavesdropper. Corinne Sullivan tweeted about a couple on a subway and the man's reaction to his talkative partner. While she went on about her roommate, he turned to her and said: "Katie, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go into my head for a bit."

Sullivan adds that the woman's response deserved credit too. The woman is believed to have nodded and the two retreated into thoughtful silence.

This unusual way of asking for one's space without being rude has not just gone viral but has also appealed to a lot of netizens.

Have a look at the kind of response Sullivan's tweet evoked.