Maha Shivaratri: 7 Things Not To Offer Lord Shiva

As per the lunar calendar, Shivaratri falls on February 13 - Sakshi Post

As per the Hindu calendar, Shivaratri 2019 falls on March 4. This is considered a very important festival by Hindu as it is believed that one would attain salvation or moksha absolving from all the sins if one were to strictly follow the rituals. The festival is celebrated in reverence of Lord Shiva, who is among the Hindu Trimuthi. Brahma - is the creator of the world; Vishnu - is the protector of the world; and Maheshwar Shiva - is the destroyer, thus making it a full circle.

While temples witness huge rush of people on this day and devotees perform special poojas, here is a small guide as to what one should not offer while performing pooja to Lord Shiva.

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Here we go:

1. Women should never put vermilion to Shivalinga, but instead apply sandalwood paste.

2. While turmeric is considered important part in the ritual, it should be avoided for Lord Shiva, as turmeric is meant to enhance beauty.

3. It is said that Lord Shiva likes white flowers, so red flowers are never offered, and flowers like 'kethki' and 'kevada' are also avoided.

4. Milk should not be offered with conch a it is said to bring ill-luck.

5. Tulsi leaves should not be offered as it is it believed that it makes pooja incomplete.

6. Coconut water should also be avoided.

7. Water shouldn't be offered to the Shivalinga using metal and steel.

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