Valentine's Day is a very special day for the love couples, they hang around with their Valentines throughout the day. Meanwhile, singles confine themselves to home and are depressed lot. It is yet another day for them.

Here we bring you, what the singles can do on the Valentine's day

1. Buy a gift

Get out of the home and walk out the streets to buy a special gift for you. It may be either a book or a dress, gift yourself and make the day special.

2. Parentine's day

The day is not only for the love couple, it is the day just to express your love. It can even be your parents. Just spend the time with your parents or present a memorable gift to them.

3. Dating app

Browse some of the dating apps to find your partner on the Valentine's Day. This will surely make your day and puts an end to your search for finding the right person.

4. Pet dogs

Spend the day with your pets and show your love towards them. Having a walk with your pet will surely make your day special.

5. Party mood

Go to a pub and spend the time dancing and enjoying the music. If it is with friends, then no one can stop you. Enjoy the day.

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