New Delhi: Reconnect with the vintage men's clothings, buy yourself some double breasted suits, colourful bowties and shawl lapels, suggest experts.

An expert at menswear brand Bespocut and Aditya S Sanghi, CEO at Sundarams since 1970, have listed the trend for the festive winter season:

*The double-breast suit with peaked lapels in blue checks is the definitive groom look for a reception. Cocktails on the other hand, have bold favourites such as deep velvet or vibrant jacquard jackets with cigar pants and custom shoes in patent leather.

* With green as the colour of the year, experiment with shades like tropical green to grass green to dark bottle green.

* A tuxedo should always be a part of a gentleman's wardrobe. This year's trends are highlighted by cool playful bright bowties, smooth lightweight black superfine wool jacket with a shawl lapel. There are no socks, but if there are they are very visible and very colourful. Shoes have gone back to the two-tone brogues and broadway inspired colourful ensembles.

* For an occassion like cocktail go for a classic semi formal two peice suit. Hues of royal blue, cobalt, grey are the best options. Add a contemporary touch to your attire by pairing it with a fine silk pocket square or a super slim tie.

* Suits with bold checks are another option to achieve a classic and polished look. A well-tailored double breasted two button suit will be a good option. Pair it with a fine silk or a micro silk pocket square and your look for the night is ready.

* Christmas this year promises to be very stylish with trend set on ankle length trousers. It's actually a blue checked single breasted suit with a bright shirt. Burnt orange does the style just right with some auburn Chelseas' to keep the feet stylish and cool.

* Wearing a classic two-buttoned Italian fit suit having a peak or notch lapel will turn many heads.

* New Year is all about glitz and glam. The best way to usher in 2018 will be a golden metallic jacket. It is a sure shot success when paired with a black tailored shirt made from knit fabric.