We all love to look stylish. With so many fashion accessories at our disposal, more often than not, we are spoilt for choice. Be it the clothes we wear, the kind of shoes we choose, or even how we match our jewelry with the dress — it’s a matter of making a statement with our fashion choices. And with all these accompaniments, we want to look nothing less than a diva. But did you know that a few everyday fashion items you use could actually harm your health? A study has found that the clothes and accessories women wear give them back problems, and 73% of women are already victims of this! Shocking? Read on to know about the clothes and accessories that can hamper your health.

Here you go…

1. Tight Pants

Nothing shows off your figure better than a skinny pair of jeans. And we all have our favorite one that just makes us look gorgeous. That’s your blind pick for any occasion because you can’t go wrong there. But you realize you are not able to fit into them anymore, and you know wearing them can cause pain. Nevertheless, you go ahead and put them on so you look your best. But mind you, wearing tight jeans can affect blood circulation and digestion. It could also lead to dilated veins.

2. High Heels

Did you know that foot problems are more common among women than men? The culprit is the high heels that we all love to wear. Walking is all about being comfortable in your shoes. Haven’t we all heard stories of women who have broken their ankles because their high heeled shoes didn’t provide the kind of support their feet needed? Wearing such uncomfortable shoes can lead to joint pains, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, and calluses. If you can’t do without them, the least you can do is to limit the time you wear your heels. You could probably remove them when not walking.

3. Thongs

Most women love to wear this sexy piece of clothing. But what if I told that you could suffer vaginal infections, irritation, and hemorrhoids because of this underwear? Again, if you must, then choose cotton ones over the synthetic fabric.

4. Statement Pieces

Just one piece of junk jewelry can up your style quotient instantly. But let me tell you, wearing heavy earrings and necklaces can damage your earlobes and cause neck pain. If you swear by such accessories, opt for lightweight ones.

5. Ties

If you thought only women wear ill-fitting clothes, you are mistaken. Men too can’t part with their favorite shirts and ties, even after outgrowing them. Wearing smaller shirts and tight tie knots can adversely affect blood circulation. It could also limit the movement of the neck and increase muscle tension in the shoulders and the back.

6. Tight Brassieres

In our fashion articles on Stylecraze, we have stressed enough about the importance of choosing the right kind of bra, the one that fits you perfectly. Yet, most women end up wearing bras that don’t fit them well. Remember, wearing a tight brassiere can cause pain in your shoulders, neck, and the spinal region.

7. Flip Flops

Yes, I did tell you that high heels were a strict no-no. But wearing flats is not the best alternative either. Flip flops do not give the proper support your feet need to walk comfortably. Moreover, the straps can cause itching and lead to marks on your feet, marring their beauty. Flats can cause backache as your feet hits the ground with a thud. My suggestion is to strike a balance between the heels and flats while choosing footwear.

8. Body Shapers

You have decided to wear your best evening gown for the party. But when you do, you see the ugly love handles bulging out, making you feel embarrassed. That’s when shapewear comes to your rescue. Your savior in need is not probably the best of solutions. Using body shapers can affect blood circulation and also cause muscle pain and shortness of breath. If you don’t have a choice, make sure you are wearing the right size and the fabric is lycra, so it expands and makes you feel comfortable.

9. Bulky Handbags

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it should be the handbag. At times, we go overboard and splurge on this piece of accessory. And why not? It amps up your look like none other. Most women use it so they can put in all their essential stuff, like cosmetics, into it. With the number of must-carry items going up — lipsticks, kajal, eyeliner, body mist, wallet, cell phone, power bank et.al —the size of the bag too is growing proportionally. We all have that one large bag that can carry almost anything and everything. But did you know carrying such big bags can actually cause shoulder pain and damage your joints? Either stop using big bags or limit the items you put into them.

10. Pipe Skirts

Don’t have to tell you what a pain it is to walk wearing a pencil skirt. It’s so tight that there’s every possibility of you losing your balance. If you thought these pipe skirts only restricted your body’s movements, let me tell you, wearing them could also lead to the malformation of your knees and strain the muscles. It may also lead to chafing of your thighs.

So, that was our list of 10 fashion items that could damage your health. The next time you are choosing any of these, make a wiser choice.