Each Traffic Rule Violation Will Get You Closer To Suspension Of Driving Licence 

Each traffic rule violation will accumulate penalty points (representational image) - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: With the Telangana government issuing orders on Monday on the penalty points system, violation of traffic rules can cost motorists not just a penalty, but suspension of driving licence.

The penalty points system has been published in an extraordinary issue of the Telangana Gazette on Tuesday. As per the notification issued by the principal secretary to the transport department, Mr Sunil Sharma, Rule 45 (A) will be added to the Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules (1989). This gives a penalty point scheme for drivers.

Whenever a person commits an offence mentioned under the rules he will attract penalty points as specified. The penalty points shall be endorsed and their record will be maintained in the RTA’s database or in a manner prescribed by the state government.

The penalty points awarded for an offence shall remain on record for a period of 24 months from the date of award. If a driver having a licence exceeds 12 points during the preceding block period of 24 months his driving licence will be suspended for a year. If a person, whose licence was suspended earlier and later revoked after completion of a one-year period, again attracts 12 points subsequently, the driving licence of that person will be suspended for two years. On further accumulation of 12 points the driving licence will be suspended for three years, state the rules.

Similarly, the government order said that if a person holding a Learner’s Licence attracts five points, the LLR shall be cancelled until he submits a certificate of learning from a recognized driving school or establishment. There will be reduction in penalty points if a person undergoes the defensive driving course or the course in motor vehicle accident prevention.

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