Drunken Youth Sets Self Ablaze After Pub Refuses To Serve Drinks 

File photo of Sandip Varma - Sakshi Post

A youth tried to immolate self after a pub refused to serve him a drink. The youth, identified as Sandip Varma (35), came to a Somajiguda pub at about 1.30 AM on Sunday along with his friends Rajender, Javed and Kaiser and demanded that he be served with liquor. But the waiter refused to serve him liquor saying that it was very late in the night. When the youths tried to create a scene, they were pushed out with the help of bouncers.

A few minutes later, Sandip again came back, this time with a 4 litres of petrol. When the bouncers stopped him at the gate, he doused himself and a bouncer with the petrol and lit a match-stick. The pub staff immediately doused the fire and shifted them to two hospitals.

While bouncer suffered minor burn injuries, Sandip Varma sustained 60 burns. The police have taken Rajender and Jawed into custody, while Kaiser is on the run. The police are also investigating as to how the pub was open till 1.30 AM and why the pub management did not inform them about the incident, which began at 1.30 AM and ended at about 3 AM.

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