Driving Errors May Get Your License Kept Under Suspension

If the driver with learner’s license gets five points, it will be cancelled immediately. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana Government is exploring ways to introduce penalty system for erring drivers. If a driver gets 12 points in 24 months, his driving license will be suspended for one year. If the driver further gets 12 more, the driving license will be suspended for two years. In the similar way, further accumulation of the points will result in a suspension of three years.

If the driver with learner’s license gets five points, it will be cancelled immediately. The learner will become eligible for re-issue of an learner’s licence only on production of a certificate of learning driving as prescribed from a recognized school/establishment. For drunk driving, two-wheeler riders will earn a driver three penalty points and a tipsy driver of a four-wheeler will get four points.

According to a draft notification from the Transport Department issued on Thursday more offenses have been listed. The Transport Department has taken the initiative by issuing a draft, paving the way for an official GO to this effect. Principal Secretary Sunil Sharma, Transport Departmnet, has issued the draft notification. It’ll be published in an extra-ordinary issue of the Telangana State Gazette dated September 23. Other offenses like using a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, to commit offenses like snatching, robbery, or driving a public service vehicle will fetch the driver five penalty points, while over speeding means three points, according to the draft notification.

The State government is also considering the amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act-1988 on or after the expiry of 15 days from the date of publication. Once the objections are considered/processed, the final notification will be issued, after which the same will be made a GO, said Transport Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Sultania.

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