Driver Rams Car Into Second Floor Of A Building

White Nissan Altima slammed into second floor of a dental office in Santa Ana, California - Sakshi Post

A California driver escaped a dangerous crash early Sunday morning after apparently hitting a divider at such a high speed that it launched the car into the second story of a nearby building.

The driver reportedly said afterwards that he'd been using drugs at the time. The white Nissan Altima slammed into the center divider around 5:30 a.m., prompting the sedan to soar into the air and into the second floor of a dental office in Santa Ana, Calif., the Orange County Fire Authority said.

Capt. Stephen Horner of the Orange County Fire Authority told the New York Post that the very unusual “situation” was triggered by the driver’s speed. “A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed hit the center divider, went airborne and landed on the second floor of a small office building,” he said. “This is not a situation that happens every day.”

According to police, the driver later admitted to using narcotics when the crash occurred, the Los Angeles Times reported. Officials say that one person who was in the car managed to get out while crews had to rescue the second person. Both sustained serious injuries. Crews planned to use a crane to pull out the car from the building. (Agencies)

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