Wedding Night Horror: Dream Turns Nightmare As Sadist Hubby Punches, Bruises , Slashes Bride

Badly bruised Sailaja.... dream turns into nightmare  - Sakshi Post

It was to be a dream night. But, the sadist beast of a husband battered, bludgeoned, kicked and slashed at will Sailaja so badly that she was left with a bruised body, swollen face and a black eye. Badly injured, she is barely able to talk. The sadist husband, who did all this to her on what should have been a memorable night of her life, is now cooling his heels in the prison and faces the threat of losing his government teacher job.

The gory incident occurred in Motharanganapalli of Gangadhara Nellore mandal in Chittoor district on Friday night. Rajesh, son of Kumaraswamy Reddy of Motharanganapalli married Sailaja, an MBA student from Chinnadamaragunta on Friday. Immediately after the marriage, the couple went to Kanipakam to offer prayers.

The sadistically cruel face of Rajesh got unmasked only in the night. Rajesh told his wife that he was impotent, but asked her not to inform this to anyone. But, a shocked Sailaja revealed this to her parents, who convinced her and sent her to him again. Enraged that she divulged his impotency, Rajesh attacked her brutally. He sank his teeth, punched in her face and gagged her. He slashed her body and bludgeoned her at will. He left her with a black eye, swollen face. Hearing Sailaja's cries for help, her parents forcibly broke open the door to find a badly battered daughter writhing in pain. Rajesh scooted out of the room.

The parents rushed her to a hospital, where she is under treatment. Sailaja is unable to speak as both the lips are badly swollen. Rajesh has since been arrested and a case was registered. Chittoor DEO Panduranga said that Rajesh would be suspended for his cruelty to his wife.

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