TDP Minister ‘Has More Brawn Than Brain’: YSRCP Leader

YSRCP leader Jogi Ramesh - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: YSRCP leader Jogi Ramesh slammed AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and described him as a politician whose career is dotted with politics of betrayal, corruption and enacting dramas. He recalled that Chandrababu had stabbed his father-in-law, NTR in the back, for power. In stark contrast, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was a leader who took a principled stand against Sonia Gandhi, he pointed out.

Addressing the media here, Jogi Ramesh said that TD Minister Atchanna Naidu seems to "have more brawn than brain." This explains why he has been making baseless allegations, Ramesh said. Chandrababu has been fuming from the time that the budget had been presented, he said. On the other hand, the dramas enacted by his MPs in the Parliament turned them into a laughing stock, he added.

While TDP MPs are clinging to their seats, the YSRCP chief has clearly asked MPs of his party to resign from the Lok Sabha if special category status is not granted to AP by April 6, he said. This would be a year ahead of the expiry of their term, he pointed out. This principled decision alone underscores the difference between Chandrababu and YS Jagan, he asserted--while Chandrababu has a long history of stabbing others in the back and is neck-deep in corruption, YS Jagan represents politics of integrity and values.

It is time the likes of Atchanna Naidu perceive this difference. Chandrababu seems to have been rattled by the YSRCP chief's decision, he observed. Jogi Ramesh said that all those who wanted special category status should back YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to the utmost, while those who don't want SCS for AP, should sail with Chandrababu.

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