Doctors quarrel, boycott operations in Gandhi hospital

Doctors quarrel, boycott operations  in Gandhi hospital - Sakshi Post


Petty quarrels between doctors of two key departments at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad led to many patients being inconvenienced on Thursday.

A doctor from Anesthesia department,  Nagarjuna and another one from Orthopedic department, Ravi Babu fought with each other in the hospital premises itself. Aggravating the problem, doctors from the Anesthesia wing, boycotted their duties. With the non availability of anesthesia doctors, several operation theatres had to be closed. 

With the sudden boycott and strike of one of the main departments of the hospital, patients suffered. 

About 90 operations had to be stopped with the doctors being away from their duties.

Dr.Ravi Babu said, “I did not attack anybody. Big nuisance was created just because i asked someone to perform his duty.”
- Sakshipost

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