Warangal: Shift ends, doctors leave pregnant women in OT

Warangal: Shift ends, doctors leave pregnant women in OT - Sakshi Post

The Hippocratic oath, taken by doctors promising that they will abide by medical ethics and not play with others' lives, is the most important principal that differentiates doctors from common man. 

On Saturday, however, few doctors of Government hospital in Janagam, Warangal district forgot this oath that they are supposed to abide by and put three lives in danger.  

According to reports, the government doctors admitted three pregnant women, Friday night and said that they will be operated upon on Saturday. On Saturday, the three women were wheeled into the OT and were given anesthesia to sedate them. Shockingly, the doctors left the OT soon after saying that they will not conduct the operation now as their shifts were over, leaving the women in the lurch.  Reportedly, they were planning to go for lunch, as it was the lunch break!  

Incidentally, the second shift did not have doctors who could perform surgeries on pregnant women.  It remains to be seen if the doctors will return to complete the operation, or will the women have to wait one more day.  

This move of the doctors was severely criticized by many organisations. Relatives of the pregnant woman also staged a dharna outside the hospital protesting against the callous nature of the doctors. 

One of the relatives' said "Since we are poor, we are unable to take them to other hospitals. We admitted them last night and the doctors promised that they will perform the operation today. And, today, the doctor just left us high and dry."  


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