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Do your bit to save power - Sakshi Post

As if inadequate power supply was not enough, the government has also increased the power tariff. 

Consumers are already complaining that 4 hours of power cut has become a major hassle. And this being the season of heat, days are going to get only hotter. The bottom line is we are going to feel worse. If this is the state now, imagine the future ahead. I am sure you can visualise only darkness. We may have access to UPS, inverter to deal with the power crisis, it helps to conserve some energy too. We all can do our bit to save electricity. Can't we?

Here are a few ways to conserve energy

  • Switch off the mains before leaving the house. This can cut your electricity bill. When on a holiday, do switch off some machines that won't be used
  • Not just at home, it's your duty to save power at office too. Make sure you switch off the power at your workstation
  • Avoid use of lights during the day time
  • Don't let the television play on while you are really not watching it.
  • We conveniently keep the plug point where TV, DVD player, music players are connected, switched on
  • Switch to solar power. To start off, you can replace your electric geysers with solar water heaters. This will make a great deal of difference to your electricity bill.
  • Avoid using fans in the evenings especially when there's cool breeze. Keep the windows open, let the fresh air in
  • At the workplace, take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will not just bring down power consumption, but also keep you healthy
  • If you are not using a room, don't keep the lights on in the area.
  • Switch to LED lights. Replace all the incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent lamps
  • Cut down use of washing machine
  • Don't leave the refrigerator light on for too long
  • Switch off your mobile phone chargers soon after charging its battery
  • Switch off the AC at home as well as at office while not in use
  • Do not leave the kitchen chimney on after cooking
  • We often forget to turn off the switches where rice cooker, microwave oven, mixer are plugged in.
  • Instead of cribbing about the power shortage, we can do our bit to bring down power consumption levels.


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