Do not fall prey to false promises: Vijayamma

Do not fall prey to false promises: Vijayamma - Sakshi Post

Cautioning the people not to fall prey to the hyperbolic promises of development and grandiose talk of creating jobs of TDP, YS Vijayamma has said our promises are down-to-earth and YSR family is known to keep its promises and appealed to vote for YSRCP fan symbol to bring back the welfare state of 2004-09. 

“Chandrababu Naidu has been promising to provide employment to one person per family but he was the person who has closed down 65 PSUs and sold many profit making units to his close associates resulting in the ouster of 26,000 government employees and depriving employment opportunities to over 7.5 lakh workers. 

Pensions and employees welfare were not on his agenda while he was chief minister for nine years and he has been boasting of developing Hyderabad city, which was the fifth developed city in the country even while he was kid. His claim that he developed Hyderabad into an Information Technology (IT) hub is a stark lie as the city has slipped from third to fifth place after he took over as Chief Minister. 

While 81,000 IT professionals had employment during his term, it has swelled to 2.5 lakh jobs after YSR has taken over,” she said while addressing a public meeting at Parvathipuram on Thursday. 

He has promised of converting Hyderabad in to Singapore and the state as Swarnandhra Pradesh while he was chief minister but did nothing other than making merry with public money and going to places and following the World Bank dictates. 

He was party to division of the state and joined hands with Sonia Gandhi who has divided the state to see her son Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister. 

“It is time to use your prudence in electing the right leader as we are at a very important point of history and we need to develop the new state with the necessary infrastructure, including airports, seaports and industrial corridors and this could be possible only with a leader who has been with you and had taken up your cause at various platforms.

I appeal you to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and strengthen YS Jagan Mohan Reddy candidature for the Chief Minister post and give the party maximum number of MPs to ensure that we get enough funds and be in a position from where we can have access to the Prime Minister to develop the new state,” she said. 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will bring back the golden era of YSR and pursue with all his welfare schemes and sign five files. Amma Vodi scheme will ensure education to two children from each family, pensions will be increased to Rs 700, separate Funds would be set up for market stabilization and calamaities, DWACRA loans would be waived and administration would be decentralized. He will sign the five files immediately after assuming power, she said. 

These apart, building 50 lakh houses, providing 150 units for Rs 100, turning the state into power-surplus one by 2019, closing down of belt shops, employing local women in police force and providing seven hour power in day time would be taken up immediately.   

Had YSR been alive the Janjhavathi project would not have been deserted. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will complete the project which will cater to the irrigation and drinking needs of the region. He will not privatise RTC and State Electricity Board but will regularize all contract employees, she said.

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