Dilsukhnagar blast site now a VVIP hotspot!

Dilsukhnagar blast site now a VVIP hotspot! - Sakshi Post

  Which is the most frequently visited spot in Hyderabad? If you thought Charminar or Golconda, you are wrong. The answer is Dilsukhnagar blast site.

Within two days of the terror strike, the blast site has become a hotspot....Literally! Curious onlookers are thronging the place of tragedy. Besides, the place is also now the favourite haunt of the politicians.
Dilsukhnagar is an area which is mostly inhabited by the middle-class people. Also, the presence of several colleges, theatres and shopping areas has made the area a preferred destination for students as the
houses can be rented at an affordable range there. Dilsukhnagar is right on the Vijayawada highway. Considering all these reasons, the road traffic in this region is anybody's guess.
Now, with the VVIPs making a beeline to the spot one after another, the traffic situation is chaotic. Residents of the area say the VIP visits is causing severe traffic jam. 
It all started with none other than our very own Chief Minister, N Kiran Kumar Reddy who visited the site minutes after the blast, breaking the standard protocol that's followed. The CM invited the ire of many who said crucial evidence could be compromised due to his visit. Yet, others too do not seem to have learnt a lesson.
The route from Malakpet towards Dilsukhnagar is completely blocked. Thanks to the VVIP vehicles passing through the road. The life of a common man has to come to a standstill, no matter how urgent the work is!
Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Governor E.S.L. Narsimhan,  TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu,
Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chiranjeevi, Venkaiah Naidu and a few other state ministers and MPs...the list of people visiting the site as if it's a major tourist destination is endless.
Why not?After all, every person out there wants his/her few minutes of glory and fame! What they don't understand is this is not a place of natural disaster—famine or floods. This was crime, a heinous one!
It's time leaders understood the gravity of the situation and did something more constructive than merely visiting the site. Perhaps, they can instead visit hospitals to donate blood or donate a generous amount to the families of the victims. Whatsay?




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