Did the President’s sojourn rekindle Samaikyandhra hope?

Did the President’s sojourn rekindle Samaikyandhra hope? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, Has the President Pranab Mukarjee’s recent sojourn to Hyderabad rekindled the hopes of Samaikyandhra agitators, including YSR Congress Party chief, Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, who have been struggling hard to keep Andhra Pradesh united? Probably, yes!

When the President made an unexpected visit to Hyderabad, the leaders of all parties, both demanding and opposing the State bifurcation, made a beeline before Raj Bhavan to explain their arguments to the President. Pranab, who gave them a patient hearing, made it clear that he would do what the Constitution states. According to his reiterations, either he, or the Union council of ministers subservient to the Constitution of India and abide to it certainly. 

 So, reading the statement of Pranab da between the lines, the constitutional experts say that he, in a very subtle and intelligent way, conveyed to one and all that Constitution is supreme in every respect, whether to decide one unification, or bifurcation. In other words, he hinted that Article 371 (D) of Constitution will definitely become a bottleneck in the deliverance of bifurcation, the experts assess.

 “When we construed his words, it was understood that he hinted the intelligent audience that Telangana would be a distant dream and a far cry, which could not be realized in near future, at least before 2014 elections,” a leader, under the condition of anonymity, told Sakshipost, after meeting the President. According to him, the President, who was mindful of the trauma of his native State, West Bengal, after its division, was absolutely sympathetic with the leaders fighting to keep the State intact.

 Article 371(D) was introduced through 32nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution in 1974 to empower the President of India to provide reservations in education and employment to people of specific regions within the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

“The Article 371 (D) is, of course, amendable, but not in foreseeable future. Union cabinet also should follow suit,” the experts of Constitution opined.

Could the GoM, which is scheduled to meet today (Thursday) evening, decide to repeal 371 (D)? The experts say no. Since 371 (D) was included in Seventh Schedule, it ought to be tabled in Parliament for debate, where two-thirds of the quorum with a minimum presence of half of the total members, should pass it, they further said.


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