​Dhanush’s Vesti Inspires ​Japanese Couple​ To Marry in Tamil Style

The dreamy wedding took place in Madurai, where the couple’s family members and friends were present - Sakshi Post

Love for Tamil language made a Japanese couple to get married as per the Hindu customs and traditions. The bride, Chiharu Obata, who is a software engineer in Japan began her research in linguistics four years ago in Tamil Nadu, where she developed interest in learning the language. Thereafter, she was taken in by the Tamil culture and traditions.

Chiharu got married to her fiance Yuto Nigata at a church in Japan in April. But her desire to get married as per Hindu customs came true on Sunday. The dreamy wedding took place in Madurai, where the couple's family members and friends were present. The stage was decked up with flowers and a holy fire was also set up. The priest Ganesh Sharma included wedding rituals like Kashi Yatra, Sapthapadi (seven steps around the fire) and Kanya Dhanam.

Chiharu's friends Vinothini and Venkatesh helped wtih the wedding arrangements and they organised the wedding in Madurai. Chiharu thanked her fans and family members, who did not object to her Hindu wedding.

"Many people from Japan are marrying as per Hindu traditions in the country, but we decided to get married in India. We called one of our friends in Tamil Nadu and expressed our desire. All of our friends supported and helped us in organising the wedding and finally we are very happy today," the groom Yuto Nigata said. "Chiharu, who always used to participate in her friend's family events, developed interest in
Tamil rituals," he added.

The groom also said that he was inspired by the actors Dhanush and Vijay who wore vesti on several occasions.

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