Delhi Gangsters Shoot Suspected Informer Dead 

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New Delhi: The Delhi Police suspects that a 30-year-old man shot dead in Rohini's Prashant Vihar area on Monday by a gangster and his men was killed as he was leaking information about them to the police, a senior officer said today.

Ravi Bhardwaj was shot dead by Jatinder alias Gogi, one of Delhi's most-wanted criminals, and his accomplices while he was having food at a roadside eatery in Prashant Vihar.

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A CCTV camera footage showed Gogi and his men firing indiscriminately at Bhardwaj, who received at least 20 bullet wounds on his head, chest and abdomen. The district police, crime branch and special cell are investigating the case.

A senior officer, privy to the investigation, said Gogi and Bhardwaj were co-accused in a 2014 attempt to murder case. On the day of his death, Bhardwaj had gone to Rohini Court in connection with a hearing in the case. Gogi was also supposed to attend the hearing but he did not come, he added.

After the hearing concluded, Bhardwaj and his friends were having food when the accused came in a car and attacked him. A police probe has revealed that Gogi suspected Bhardwaj was leaking information about him to the police. He had learnt that the police was prodding Bhardwaj to provide information about Gogi.

Police said one of Gogi's accomplices has been identified as Kuldeep. Gogi had escaped from the custody of Delhi Armed Police personnel from a bus near Bahadurgah when he was being taken to a court from the Tihar Jail in July 2016. His escape was facilitated by nearly a dozen of his associates who had also looted a MP5 submachine gun of the police. (PTI)

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