Decision to strike alliance with TDP will be collective: BJP

Decision to strike alliance with TDP will be collective: BJP - Sakshi Post

Amid continuing suspense about an electoral alliance between TDP and BJP, Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy today said his party would take a collective decision on issues including tie-ups. 

He, however, took a dig at the reported comments of some TDP leaders that some in BJP are trying to obstruct an alliance between the two parties. 

He also said the party has begun the process of selection of candidates and is trying to announce the names before Ugadi (Telugu New Year to be celebrated on March 31). 

BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the party's top leaders like Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj are likely to campaign in Telangana in the second week of April, he said. Simultaneous polls for Lok Sabha and assembly would be held in Telangana region on April 30. 

"Some TDP leaders say that some in BJP are trying to obstruct alliances. BJP has not spoken about alliances anywhere so far. If we have not spoken, how can we obstruct? If we try for alliances, we can obstruct. On one hand, they favour alliances and on the other, they criticise. We can also criticise. Since our national leadership favours alliances, we are observing dignity. 

"Our party does not run on individuals. It does not stop if someone stops. Our party believes in collective leadership. We speak to our national leadership. We come to a decision after talking," he said here speaking at an event where some people joined BJP. 

"Our party does not need the advice of anyone. We are not in a hurry for alliances and we are not begging for alliances. People want BJP to come to power in the country", he said. 

"Wherever surveys are conducted in Telangana, people support Narendra Modi. Even in Adilabad, far from Hyderabad, there is a wave in favour of Narendra Modi," Reddy claimed.

Though talks have been held between BJP and TDP for an alliance, they are reportedly stuck over seat-sharing.

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