Death threats to MRO Vanajakshi

Death threats to MRO Vanajakshi - Sakshi Post

Musunuru MRO Vanajakshi, who was in the eye of the storm after she was attacked by TDP MLA from Chintalapudi Chintamaneni Prabhakar’s men when she tried to prevent illegal sand quarrying, is now getting death threats from unknown miscreants.

In a letter sent to the MRO, the miscreants said they were given ‘supari’ eight days after the incident at the sand reach. They also told her to either leave Musunuru or face the consequences.

Attack on Vanajakshi sparked state-wide protests by the revenue employees. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu personally spoke to Vanajakshi and chided her for going to the sand reach when she could have sent the cops.

When contacted, Vanajakshi said she would not leave Musunuru come what may. She said she was not afraid of such threats.

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