Dalits attacked for backing YSRCP

Dalits attacked for backing YSRCP - Sakshi Post

Markapuram: Several Dalits from Chintaguntla village in Prakasam district's Markapuram have been at the receiving end for voting for the YSRCP. The Dalits  had voted for the party in the MPTC elections held six months ago. 

Ever since, the TDP workers were harassing them. Dalits, who are mostly migrant workers, had come to their home villages for celebrating Christmas. However, TDP workers stormed into their houses and thrashed them black and blue. The Dalits had to run for their lives.
The Dalits - Pullukuri Velligondayya, Ruthamma, Mariyamma, Kondamma and few other dalits from Chintalagunta  - lodged a complaint with the local RDO at Markapuram. 
Markapuram MLA Janke Venkat Reddy asked the RDO to ensure protection to the Dalits, who were being harassed by the TDP men.

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