Daily Commute Made Easy for Hyderabadis with EasyCommute App

Daily Commute Made Easy for Hyderabadis with EasyCommute App - Sakshi Post

Daily commute is a big challenge for everyone in all metro cities across the country.Office goers, business people and all and sundry are facing this challenge with the ever increasing number of vehicles on city roads and regular traffic jams.

Faced with the problem for years, Rahul Jain wanted to find a solution, not only for himself, but everyone. And thus conceived the idea EasyCommute. He discussed his idea with his friend Mayank Chawla and the idea was converted into a business model and EasyCommute came alive in October, 2015.

EasyCommute is an intra-city mobile-based AC Bus Shuttle Service for working professionals with an aim of redefining commuting experience by cutting down the frustration to stand in a bus or wait for an auto. EasyCommute is running AC minibuses aggregated from travel agencies by providing a Confirmed Seat with free access of high speed Wi-Fi (4G) in the vehicle at a very affordable fare.

The EasyCommute team developed an android application which comes handy for commuters to book a seat in a shuttle based on his/her timings. Unlike normal travel they are providing AC, Wi-Fi with a confirmed seat.

Says Rahul, "After a long, tiresome journey to workplace, employees' productivity would be badly affected. With this kind of travel experience they won't feel any tiredness or frustration and it would positively impact their productivity."

EasyCommute claims commuter safety is their first priority. So to make sure the safety of their commuters, they are arranging one attendant to each shuttle and they are providing a SoS feature in the application so that user can notify the team in case of any emergency. They have also started a Women-Only shuttle from Ramanthapur to Meenakshi towers in Gachibowli.

EasyCommute team is now focusing on creating awareness by having discussions with HR departments of Software companies. EasyCommute boasts of 4000+ downloads in just seven weeks with most of the users joined by word of mouth. Most of their users are encouraging them by giving a positive feedback and suggestions. The startup has also been featured on ETV prime time show 'Yuva'.

EasyCommute started their journey with one route from JNTU to Wipro. With the growing response from the users, they are now running on more than 24 routes in the city. "Suggest Route" is a feature in their application through which  users can suggest new routes. Based on the number of suggestions they are adding new routes to their list every week.

EasyCommute app is now available on Google Playstore and they are working for the IOS version, which is to be released soon. In addition to mobile-based bookings, web-based bookings are also under way for EasyCommute.

They also provide the comfort of trying their service first by providing 2 free rides so that user can understand how it works and feel the difference from his/her daily commute.
When the user completes registration on the app, he/she can book a seat by following these steps:
1.    Select Pick-up & Drop-off stops from the list of available stops.
2.    Choose shuttle timings of your convenience.
3.    Confirm your seat and pay from e-wallet.

Once you confirm the booking, a boarding pass will be generated with booking details like booking ID, timings, etc. You can also track your shuttle on your boarding pass.
EasyCommute plans to mitigate and eventually solve the problem of daily commuting by operating all over the city and at a maximum frequency possible in the future. Their plan is to ply a shuttle every 15 minutes on each route they are operating so that they can make a difference to the people and the society at large. A team of 12 people are working on the service.

Download the app from Google Playstore using the following link  https://bit.ly/EasyCommuteApp
Website address is http://www.easycommute.co

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