Cyclone Hudhud mere 20 kms away from Vizag

Cyclone Hudhud mere 20 kms away from Vizag - Sakshi Post

Cyclonic storm Hudhud is now approximately 20 km south-east of Vizag and is likely to make landfall reassessed at North of Vizag off Bheemunipatnam by 12 pm today.

Heavy rains and winds have intensified as 66 km wide cyclone eye formation and winds upto 170-180 kmph have lashed the coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Power failures have also been reported in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam.

Intense waves due to the cyclone have been breaching breakwater wall and visibility is now less than 500 meters.

Thirty diving teams, eight ships, six helicopters, four Dornier MR Aircrafts have been kept on standby for rescue and relief operations.

Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth said helpline numbers 1948 and 1949 have been started for Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

"Helplines have been started, railways have been cancelled. Diesel locomotives have been stationed in case of power cuts. Coastguard has its ships and aircrafts on standby, there is support from Airforce and Army. All these assets and resources are available," said Seth.

He also informed that 24 teams of NDRF have been deployed in Andhra Pradesh and 18 in Odisha.


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