Cyber Stalker Held For Morphing Photos Of A Girl

Accused K. Shyam - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A cyber stalker arrested on Saturday for sending abusive messages and morphed photos to a girl.

The accused, K. Shyam developed friendship with the victim when he met her in a marriage a few months ago. As their friendship grew, he took the girl’s photos and later expressed his love for her. As the girl refused his proposal, he was enraged and build grudge on the girl.

He then morphed the photos of the girl and sent them to her friends including her. He also opened a fake account on Facebook with the morphed photos and also attached her Whatsapp number to the account.

Feeling embarrassed, the girl lodged a complaint. The cyber crime police registered a case and arrested the man. They also recovered his mobile phone and took him into custody.

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