Crop loan waiver to take five more years?

Crop loan waiver to take five more years? - Sakshi Post

Will the farmers have to wait for another five years for their crop loans to be completely waived?

It appears so, if one goes by Chandrababu Naidu's statement at Guntur. Addressing a Janma Bhoomi meeting, Chandrababu said the government will waive the crop loans in five installments. He said that 20 per cent of the loan would be waived in the first phase. The balance would be cleared in next four years in four equal installments. This only means that it would take five years for the loan to be cleared.
The first installment likely to be cleared on October 22. But, who shall pay the interest on the remainder of the loan amount? The government is not clear on this. According to sources, the loan amount could well have to be paid by the farmers themselves.

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