Suicide Pact: Two Decomposed Bodies Found In Anantagiri Hills   

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HYDERABAD: In a gruesome incident, a shepherd discovered decomposed bodies of a man and woman hanging to a tree in Anantagiri Hills in Vikarabad district on Saturday.

It was reported that wild animals in the forest mauled the lower portion of the bodies with only heads found hanging to a tree. The shepherd was grazing sheep in the forest area at Kerelly when he noticed the bodies hanging to the tree with a long cloth. He immediately informed the villagers and the police who rushed to the spot.

As per reports the bodies were identified as Mahender (28) and Sivaleela (23) with the help of the registration number of a motorcycle that was parked near the spot. They both were said to be missing since April 6 at Kerelly village

According to police, Sivaleela, a labourer, was missing from her house at Kotipally village since April 6. Her family members lodged a complaint with the police stating that she might have eloped with Mahender, a mason and resident of Haridaspally village.

The police examined the mobile phone details of Sivaleela and Mahender and tracked their movement in the forest area till one kilometre away from the spot.The cell movement ended near the forest area, prompting the police to presume that they would have switched off their phones to prevent anyone from tracing them, a police official said. The incident came to light only due to the shepherd discovering the bodies.

As per reports, Mahender and Sivaleela were married to different people a few years ago. While Mahender had two children, Sivaleela had none. Apparently they had developed friendship while working at a construction site which led to an extra marital affair. Her husband and her family members also got to know of the affair. On April 5th she is said to have left home and went to Mahender's place in Tharoor. Both of them left the place on his bike without informing anyone.

The partial remains of their bodies were completely decomposed and police said that they might have died a month ago. The police conducted the post mortem at the site of the incident. ASP Narayana examined the place for further clues. He said that since both the families of the victims had come to know of their extramarital affair, they both might have committed suicide, unable to bear the humiliation. However, no suicide note was found.

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