Police Crack Chevalla Woman’s Murder Case, Facebook Friend Caught

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HYDERABAD: Chevalla police cracked the murder case of a woman, whose naked body was found on the Tangedupalli-Vikarabad road in the outskirts of Hyderabad nearly a fortnight ago.

Based on the call records, cell tower signals and other evidences the police have caught the person in connection with the murder.

The woman in question was a married to a prominent businessman in Sikkim and had two children. She befriended the accused who hailed from Maharashtra on Facebook. She left her home to be with the accused in Mumbai. Later she saw that he was being friendly with another woman and pestered him to marry her. The accused hatched a plan and brought her to Hyderabad on the pretext of site seeing. They came to Hyderabad and stayed in a place at Madhapur. With the help of a local friend in Hyderabad he hired a car for rent and with the help of the other friend he strangled the victim in the car. After reaching Tangedupalli, they removed her clothes, disfigured her face, but left her expensive gold ornaments on her. They dumped the body below the culvert using the nylon rope and left the rope there, the police said.

Police verified CCTV footage on Tangedupalli-Vikarabad route for about 20 Km between Chilkur and Vikarabad. They had also asked locals and one of them provided information about a parked car near the bridge on March 17.

Police found a rental logo on the vehicle. Using this information, the police contacted the car rental company and identified the accused's friend from Hyderabad. The suspect was also caught by the police in Mumbai and he reportedly confessed to have committed to crime with the help of his friend.

On March 17, the body of a 36 year-old woman was found under a bridge on Tangedupalli-Vikarabad road leading to rumours of another Disha-like incident.

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