Lockdown: Overall Crime Rate Dips In Telangana

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HYDERABAD: The crime rate in the states has fallen drastically due to the nation-wide lockdown. According to the latest update, the overall crime rate has been reduced to nearly 33 to 55%. People are staying at home due to lockdown and as a result, street crimes and fatal road accidents have decreased.

Increased police patrolling and closed borders are also the other reasons for the decreased rate in burglary and thefts. From March 22 to 31, a total of 4,000 cases have been registered in different districts and commissionerates of the state.

According to the 2018 National Crime Bureau (NCB) reports, 383 cases reported per day and now it is just 254. On average, a total of 5 kidnap cases used to be registered but during these 10 days, 2.5 kidnap cases have been reported.

So far 8 cases of molestation of women, 14 murders, 10 dacoites, 2 robberies, 48 major road accidents, 92 minor road accidents, 260 attacks on minors, 2,546 IPC cases have been registered. A few cases have been registered on people who have broken lockdown rules. Drone surveillance, COVID-19 patrol forces and such other initiatives have ensured that people stay indoors.

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