TRS Peddapalli MLA’s Kin Found Dead In Kakatiya Canal 

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Karimnagar: Mystery surrounds the death of Peddapalli TRS MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy's kin whose bodies were found in their car in the Kakatiya Canal near Alaganoor in Karimnagar District on Monday morning.

As per reports the police were trying to trace the body of woman who had washed away in the canal, after she and her husband who were going on their bike fell into the canal. Blue Colts police rescued the man in the night, but efforts were on to trace the woman who was washed away. The police had stopped the water inflow into the SRSP canal to see if they could find her body, but the police discovered a car submerged in the water on Monday.

After they retrieved the car, the police found three bodies, which were highly decomposed leading to suspicion that the car plunged into the canal several days ago. Based on the documents retrieved from the car, the bodies were identified as that of Nareddy Satyanarayana Reddy, his wife Radha -who is a cousin sister of the TRS Peddapalli MLA and their daughter Vinayasri. Satyanarayana owned a fertiliser shop in Karimnagar, while Radha was schoolteacher and Vinayasri was a final year dental student.

Apparently, the trio left their residence at Bank Colony in Karimnagar on January 27th and have been missing since then. What was even more shocking was that their family members did not file a missing complaint despite them not reachable on their phones for the past 20 days.

When Police checked with the family members, they informed them that the couple lost their son in a road accident three years ago and were in a state of depression after that. They were said to be undergoing counselling in Hyderabad for the same and made regular visits to the city.

As they were not able to trace their whereabouts and with his phone switched off , their relatives tried looking for them. They even broke open the locks to their house at Bank Colony, but found no clue as to where they could have gone. The even checked the RGI Airport in case they had gone abroad, but they got no information. However, a missing case was not registered with the police as they had not filed a written complaint.

Meanwhile police are examining various angles if this was a suicide or an accident. If they had left in the morning on January 27th, there was a possibility of someone seeing their car falling into the canal on the Rajiv Gandhi Highway.

Police believe the crash might have happened later in the evening, however police are also investigating if Sathyanarayana deliberately crashed the car leading to it fall into the canal without his wife and daughter's knowledge.

Trainee IPS Nithika Pant is investigating the incident. A post mortem was conducted for the three bodies at the scene itself as the bodies were in a highly decomposed state.

MLA Manohar Reddy, Karimnagar District Collector Konduru Shashanka, and Commissioner of Police, VB Kamalasan Reddy visited the spot.

This is the second incident in just a day after a car fell off the Aluganuru- Manair bridge into the canal in the early hours of Sunday where a man died on the spot and unfortunately a constanble also died while overseeing the resuce operations.

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