Con Woman With TDP Links Posing As Ex CMO Official Arrested

Mamilapalli Deepthi with TDP leaders - Sakshi Post

GUNTUR: A woman named Mamilapalli Deepthi, who cheated people with a promise of getting them jobs in the Andhra Pradesh government during the TDP regime, was arrested by the Guntur district police in Hyderabad, on Sunday. SI Anuradha said that she was brought to Peddakakani and presented before the court, and she was sent to remand for 11 days.

Its is said that she confessed to the police that she told people she was a PA in the Ex AP Chief Minister's Office (CMO) and created fake ID cards from different government departments to enter the office of the CMO during Chandrababu's regime.

Deepthi indulged in cheating people as she got used to living a luxurious life. Deepthi who hailed from Bodupaleni village at Kakumanu mandal in Guntur district, used to frequent the AP Secretariat often and gained confidence of her victims pretending to have direct access to the offices of the ministers. She then took money running to several lakhs from various people ,promising them government jobs. Not only that, she also indulged in 'settlements' of land deals and issues, by claiming to have connections with the police department.

On April 15th, last year a person named Vallabhareddy Ramakrishna Reddy of YSR Kadapa district signed an agreement with her and paid Rs 12.50 lakh rupees for jobs for five people at APGENCO. Two others Prattipati Dilip and Mohan Rao from Guntur also paid her Rs.6.50 lakh for employment. They later found out that they were duped and filed a case of cheating against her on October 15 last year at the Peddakakani police station.

These are just a few of the cases which have been reported, as per unofficial reports Deepthi is said to have duped people to the tune of more than Rs 6 Crore.

A leading Telugu daily had earlier published a series of articles about her fraud accounts. With this, many victims came forward and complained to the police.

It is reported that many of them have not come forward to lodge complaints as she had threatened them with dire consequences. A youth leader from Krishna district had paid Rs 14 lakh, a youth from Tenali paid Rs 6 lakh, a business man from West Godavari paid Rs 60 lakh for a sand contract, and three more youth paid Rs 10 lakh for jobs and lastly she stole Rs 6 lakhs from a man to set up a canteen in Narayana College.

After getting to know about the police case she fled from Vijayawada and has been absconding ever since. Her Facebook pagealso has seen no activity since 2017.

The police tried to arrest Deepthi, who had come to attend a function in Tenali (where Chandrababu and Lokesh were also present) on the fourth of this month, but she hoodwinked them and escaped to Hyderabad last year and switched off her phone. She is said to operate the phone only when she had to make important calls on and off. The Guntur police managed to apprehend her in Hyderabad on Sunday and brought her back to Guntur.

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