NALGONDA: The Ist Additional District Judge and judge for POCSO cases at Nalgonda convicted Marri Srinivasa Reddy in connection with the sensational rape and murder case of three young girls in Bommalaramaram mandal in Hajipur and sentenced him to death by hanging here on Thursday.

The Court Hall was packed with villagers and the victim's family members who had come from Hajipur for the hearing and were waiting eagerly for the judgement which was pronounced in the afternoon.

After Srinivasa Reddy was produced in the court and the Judge explained that he was proven guilty in the crime and asked if he had anything to say to this. Srinivasa Reddy reiterated his stance that he was not guilty and that he was being wrongly framed.He also spoke about the need of taking care of his parents and that the villagers had also burnt his house down. There was no sign of remorse on his face as the judgement was read out by the Judge.

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The Judgement was pronounced exactly a week after the Asifabad Komarambheem Samatha rape case verdict.

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The accused Marri Srinivas Reddy, trapped the victims by offering them a lift on his stolen bike. He raped, killed and buried the girls in an abandoned agricultural well in Hajipur.

Special Public Prosecutor Chandrashekhar who was brought in to argue the case sought capital punishment for the accused during his arguments before the First Additional District Magistrate’s court on January 6th and said that capital punishment was required for the safety of society.

All the girls who went missing were from the surrounding villages of Hajipur at Bommalaramaram mandal in Nalgonda district.

It all started when the Bommalramaram police began looking for Sravanthi (name changed), a Class 9 student, who went missing on April 26th last year. The minor girl, who got down from an auto near Bommalaramaram along with two of her classmates after special classes went missing and after she didnt come home, her parents filed a missing case.

On April 28th the police finally found her school bag near an abandoned well with the help of the Hajipur villagers. After they checked the well the police found the dead body of the girl in the it. The post-mortem revealed that she was raped, and killed.

During investigation, the police also discovered the skeletal remains suspected to be that of another young woman, a degree student of the same village who had gone missing on March 15. Her body was identified based on the Aadhaar card found inside her knapsack bag.

With the news of the missing girls spreading across nearby villages, the case of 12-year-old missing girl in 2015, a native of Maisireddypally, a neighbouring village of Hajipur, also came to light.

Days after the remains of two minor girls were unearthed, the police took into custody a 28-year old man on May 1st , based on certain evidence as he was seen by few villagers at that time. Marri Srinivas Reddy, resident of Hajipur village was questioned by the police and he confessed that in April 2015 he had abducted a 11-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her and later killed her and put her body in a gunny bag and dumped it in another well in the village.

The Rachakonda Police arrested Srinivas Reddy and lodged him in the Warangal Central Jail and charge-sheets before the POCSO court in Nalgonda were filed in August. The police had enough material to believe that Srinivas Reddy murdered all the three girls, preceded by sexual assault, after obtaining crime scene details and elaborate forensic evaluation. A fast track court was established in December and the court has recorded the testimonies of more than 101 witnesses along with the forensic evidence, and other detailed reports pertaining to the case submitted by the police.

The judicial proceedings were completed within 90 days after the court was established in Nalgonda. The fast-track court on January 28th deferred its verdict in the rape and murder of three minors to February 6th much to the disappointment of the victims' family members.

The verdict was pronounced nine months after the crime was committed.

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