AP: Husband Kills Wife By Lacing Vitamin B Pills With Cyanide

Accused Ravi Chaitanya - Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: A bank manager was taken into custody by the police for allegedly administering capsules laced with cyanide to his wife, after which she died on January 27th. The incident came to light when the victim's parents filed a complaint on January 28th stating that it was case of dowry harassment and they were suspecting their son-in-law's role in hear death. The accused Ravi Chaitanya was taken into custody after police investigated the matter.

As per police reports, Ravi Chaitanya who was working as a bank manager in Bank of Baroda , Madanapalle branch in Chittoor was married to Amani and was given Rs 15 lakhs, 15tolas of gold and one acre of land as dowry.

Unhappy with fact that his co brother (Amani's sister's husband) was given two acres of land as dowry, he started harassing Amani for more money.

Police stated that she was not only harassed by Ravi Chaitanya, but also by his parents. Amani who was having Vitamin B deficiency was taking capsules. Ravi had laced the capusles with cyanide and she died within half hour of consuming the capsule.

After the parents saw her body which had turned bluish black, they grew suspicious and filed a case.

Police are investigating various angles as to how Ravi Chaitanya got hold of the cyanide. Some interesting facts were unravelled in the course of the investigation. Ravi Chaitanya had earlier worked in NG Ranga Agricultural University and later worked in a fertiliser company, which gave him an idea into the workings of cyanide. He joined Bank of Baroda as a manager later.

The victims parents had stated that Ravi Chaitanya had a criminal bent of mind and was harassing their daughter for the past six months. He was also accused of having illicit relations with other women. Not only was she under pressure for more dowry, she was also sexually harassed by Ravi Chaitanya.

Police have registered a case and are inevstigating as to how the accused had purchased the cyanide.

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