Envious Over Social Media Popularity, Man Murders Wife

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RAJASTHAN: A husband who is unable to cope with his wife's popularity on social media started suspecting her of having affairs, and brutally murdered her in Amer city, Rajasthan on Sunday evening January 20.

According to reports, Ayaz Ahmed (25) is a resident of Jaipur city in Rajasthan works as an online delivery boy. He got married to Reshma (22) two years ago in Arya Samaj against their parent's wishes. They have three months baby girl. The woman had over 6,000 followers on her Facebook account. Ahmed had started suspecting his wife of having extramarital affairs with other men and the two began fighting over it.  He often quarreled with her for spending more time on social media. Unable to bear his torture, she left her husband a few days ago and started staying with her parents.

Ahmed went to his in-law's house in an inebriated state on Sunday evening, and requested his wife to return home along with him. Husband took her out on a Scooty to Amer city, where he strangulated her and then crushed her face by throwing a heavy stone on her.

The police registered a case and identified the body. They had arrested Ahmed within a few hours after the incident and are investigating him for further details.

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