HYDERABAD:Today we see people who actually work really hard to become successful while we also see many of them taking shortcuts to lead a luxurious life. And so is the story of 19-year-old Hyderabadi who chose to steal high-end bicycles to earn money fast.

According to media reports, the Hyderabadi teen who has been identified as Nandula Siddhartha Sharma, worked as a priest, but his addiction to PUBG (Player's Unknown Battle Grounds) forced him to leave his job. However, due to the pressure from his home against his addiction, he moved out of his home and started stealing high-end bicycles to make quick money.

He targeted expensive bicycles parked at homes and apartments in the neighbourhood and pretended to have received them as gifts as a temple priest. He tried to sell them all for a nominal price of Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000, reports read.

He stole various bicycles of high brands such as Ridley Cordis, Gang, Lumala, Milton NEXTRO, KROSS, Hero, Hercules Roadeo Hannibal, and Tata Strider, etc.

According to Malkajgiri police, who took up the investigation made a report that 31 cases of bicycle thefts out of which owners of only 15 have been identified.

According to police, the priest-turned PUBG addict earned around Rs 70,000 by selling bicycles without raising any suspicion. “We have detected 16 cases so far. We will be willing to give away the cycles to real owners if they could prove their ownership,” Y Narasimha Reddy, assistant commissioner of Police, Malkajgiri said to a daily.

According to media reports, Siddharta was arrested in a case of theft of a ‘Hero Sprint Pro-KIXS 29 ER Black and Blue Color Bi-Cycle’. Based on a complaint, Malkajgiri police had registered a case under section 380 of IPC. During the investigation, police came across similar complaints and cases registered in various police stations of Neredmet, Kushaiguda, Nacharam, apart from the one registered at Malkajgiri, reports read.

As per police statements, out of the 16 detected cases, seven are in Kushaiguda police station, four are in Neredmet police station, one in Nacharam police station, and four in Malkajgiri police station.

Later, Siddharta was remanded to judicial custody, police will now take his custody for further probe and identify the owners.

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