What Disha’s Death Means To All The Single Ladies Living In The City

Disha’s burnt body was found in a culvert at Chatanpally village near ORR at Shamshabad on Thursday morning.  - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: When news broke that Disha, a veterinary doctor, missing since Wednesday night was found dead next day with her charred body lying on the underpass of a National Highway in Chatanpally village, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, a chill went down the spine for the many women, staying alone in the city, who shared their ordeal with us.

It isn't just a rape and murder, but one that intended to send a message, shared one, looking agonized by the news. Deepika Gaur (name changed), working in an IT company in Hyderabad, called one of her friends to share how she was feeling at the moment she came to know about the news.

"It felt like there's someone at the door the whole night yesterday. I just could not sleep. That's how I felt. It's scary! Usually, after office, I often take rides, but I am always so, so sceptical. I just don't know who to trust, and pray that I reach home safely," Gaur says.

Ruhika (name changed), working in a media company here, said that the incident instantly triggered fear in her mind. She travels 20 km daily to her workplace.

"Especially last night, I felt the fear playing in my psyche. It is one that has shaken me from inside. While going back home from office, the incident kept lingering on my mind. What happened to Priyanka, could have happened to me anytime, any moment," she says quivering.

Mihika, a resident of Vanasthalipuram in Hyderabad, working with a media company says, “On a daily basis we carry multiple rape and murder stories happening across India. But this one story of Priyanka was different. It made me scared.”

"Every time I enter my house, my doors are shut. I have even stopped ordering food late at night, as I fear someone might know my address. That's the fear instilled in my mind now," she adds.

What's tragic is that most single women refrain sharing what they feel with their loved ones, especially their parents, thinking they will be scared or frightened, or worse, call them back home.

"I can't even share my feelings with my parents. They will be worried. Me living alone in a city is a worry to them as they care for our security. But saying that I am scared and such incidents happened, I am sure it will be frightening for them," Gaur told.

Rani (name changed), a PhD student studying in English and Foreign Languages University here narrates that she has always wanted women to be in the front and lead ways, but says the perpetrators are trying to leave a message behind.

"For me, it was always about visibility. Women visibility on the streets, office, meetings. I am afraid it doesn't work that way. I am scared to travel anywhere alone now," she says.

Recalling the heinous crime, Disha, who is a resident of Shamshabad frequently visited a skin clinic in Gachibowli.

On Wednesday, by 5 pm she left from her house to go to the clinic. She had parked her bike near a toll plaza in Shamsabad, before taking a cab to Gachibowli. On returning, she found that her back tyre was flat. Her younger sister, in a complaint lodged with the police, said she got a call from her sister at 9.22 pm on Wednesday stating that she was stranded at a toll plaza after someone told her that her scooter had a flat tyre and offered to help.

Her charred body was found the next morning near a culvert.

Meanwhile, four people, including one minor, have been apprehended by the Cyberabad police.

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