Drunk Woman Attacks Cops In Banjara Police Station

Screengrab - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A woman attacked two policewomen at the Banjara Hills police station here on Saturday night allegedly in an inebriated state.

The woman has been identified as Lisa from the state of Nagaland. Police said that at around midnight the woman was found lying on the road at Zaheera Nagar on Banjara Hills Road No 10 and was they brought to the police station.

When she gained consciousness, she tried to leave. As it was late in the night, the women cops disallowed her to leave the premise and asked her to wait until someone comes and picks her up.

Miffed with them, she attacked them and also bit the hand of one policewoman and scratched another on the neck. The Police detained her to conducts tests whether she had consumed alcohol or was under the influence of drugs. They later informed her family members, who came and took her.

Police said that the woman worked in an IT company in Banjara Hills.

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