Hyderabad: Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagavath revealed chilling details about the way a 19 -year-old  girl named Keerthy Reddy along with her alleged boyfriend K Sashi Kumar, had murdered her mother Rajitha (43) a fortnight ago.

The CP himself was appalled at the way the murder was planned, and the way the accused tried to hush- up the case. He compared the crime with the film ''Drushyam'' and said that this was akin to Drushyam part 2.

Speaking at a media conference on Thursday afternoon, Mahesh Bhagavath said that there were three angles to the whole case. Apart from the murder of Keerthy's mother, there was also the rape that Keerthy had allegedly undergone by her former boyfriend Bal Reddy when she was still a minor. When she got pregnant, another friend of Keerthy, K Sashi Kumar had helped her abort discretely and started blackmailing her.

Getting into the details, Keerthy Reddy (19) was a third-year degree student, who was first in love with a boy named Bal Reddy from the same neighbourhood in Dwaraka Colony at Hayatnagar.

Both their parents had also agreed to get them married, but after some time, Keerthy started moving with around K Sashi Kumar, an M Tech graduate. His father was an engineer in the Irrigation department and was recently suspended on charges of corruption.

Keerthy who was of a highly impressionable behaviour fell for his sweet talks and told him about the pregnancy. He took her to Amangal and had her aborted in a local clinic while signing up as her husband.

The CP said that Shashi noticed her properties and wanted to take advantage of her. He even started blackmailing her and asked her to cough up Rs 10 lakhs or else he would reveal their intimate pictures and also would make her abortion news public. During the investigation, she revealed that he also instigated Keerthy against her mother Rajitha.

According to the police, on October 19, Keerthy and Shashi were caught by her mother Rajitha in a compromising position and was scolded for having affairs with two men at the same time.

Both of them had consumed alcohol at that time, an in an inebriated state, strangled Rajitha. Keerthy smothered her head with a pillow, while Shashi strangulated her with a piece of cloth. It is said that the accused spent three days together in the same house with body and even got intimate with each other, with the corpse laid In the surrounding.

After the smell became unbearable, they took the body in Shahsi's car and dumped the body on a railway track near Ramannapet, to make it look either like an accident or an attempted suicide. The also purchased petrol and set the blanket in which they carried the body, on fire in aplace nearby. The half-burnt blanket was also recovered by the police.

On October 24, Rajitha’s husband Srinivas Reddy, a lorry driver, returned to their Dwaraka Colony residence and found the house locked. When he tried to reach Rajitha on her mobile phone, he found it switched off. Later, he telephoned his daughter Keerthy, who claimed she was in Vizag. Srinivas told her that her mother was not to be found and asked her to return to Hyderabad immediately.

Not only did she lie about being in Vizag, she impersonated her mother's voice, and reportedly called up Bal Reddy’s father and informed him that she (Rajitha) and Srinivas Reddy were at a hospital in Yadadri and requested him to keep their daughter at their house till they return.

While staying at Bal Reddy’s residence, Keerthy told her father that she was in Vizag. When Hayatnagar police verified her mobile locations, it showed that she was at Hayatnagar and not in Vizag.

She, however, returned on Saturday and lodged a missing complaint. In the complaint, Keerthi alleged that her father was an alcoholic, used to quarrel with her mother often and would even physically abuse her. This was done to throw the buck of suspicion on her father. This was also scripted by Shashi who made Keerthy state these at the police station.

Meanwhile, on learning that Rajitha was missing, Keerthi’s boyfriend Bal Reddy’s father, who resided in Hayatnagar, came to meet Srinivas. The twist in the case came after Bal Reddy’s father told Srinivas that Keerthi was at their house since Tuesday on Rajitha’s insistence.

Realising that Keerthi had lied to him and suspecting something was amiss, Srinivas immediately alerted Hayatnagar police. When Keerthi was called and questioner further she confessed that she and her friend Shashi had killed her mother Rajitha.

When Hayatnagar police contacted the Government Railway Police, they told them that they came across a dismembered woman’s body and had buried it after registering a case under CrPC 174 (suspicious death).

CP Mahesh Bhagavath while concluding said that this was a pre-planned murder and what was more shocking was the criminal psychosis of the accused, who had no qualms about committing the murder and disposing of the body. Bal Reddy was also arrested for the alleged rape and the three are now in police custody.

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