HYDERABAD: A Hyderabad-based businessman had become a victim of a honey trap laid by an air hostess namely Kanishka and her husband Vijay Kumar. He lost Rs 20 lakhs as a result of this. This incident came into light on Thursday.

As per details, Kanishka worked as an air hostess earlier. Kanishka trapped him by making friends with him and later she developed a physical relationship with the businessman. Interestingly Kanishka’s husband was also involved in trapping this businessman.

One day Kanishka booked a hotel room and called the businessman to the hotel room. Her husband was already there.

Vijay Kumar photographed nude photos of the businessman and his wife. Later they blackmailed businessman by showing those photos and demanded Rs 1 crore. They also threatened and intimidated him if he failed to pay.

This incident came into light when the frustrated businessman approached the police. The police registered the case and arrested her along with her husband and an investigation is underway. It is also said that they had trapped an NRI earlier in a similar manner. It is reported that the husband and wife who hailed from Vijayawada suffered huge losses in a hotel business and were looking for a quick way to make money and started extorting gullible people through blackmail.

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