Tantrik Dupes 4 Of Rs 2.4 Crore Worth Gold In Gujarat

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Surat: A man posing as a tantrik allegedly stole 5.5 kilogrammes of gold worth Rs 2.4 crore from four persons after luring them with promise of buried treasure in Surat in Gujarat.

The accused convinced land dealer Jagdish Sakhwada that 36 kilogrammes of gold was buried in a pot beneath the latter's house, said a Kamrej police station official to a news agency.

"The accused, who identified himself as Sanjay Sharma to Sakhwada, asked that 5.5 kilogrammes of gold be deposited with him to conduct a ritual that would reveal the exact place where the pot is buried," said Deputy Superintendent CM Jadeja.

"Sakhwada and three of his friends managed to pool in Rs 2.4 crore and got 5.5 kgs of gold from a goldsmith. The accused carried out the ritual and then asked the victims to open the room after 15 days. Sharma even left a cobra in the room," he said.

Sakhwada and his friends soon realised they had been duped after which they filed a case against Sharma and an associated in Kamrej police station on Friday.

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