Delivery Boy Hypnotises And Attempts To Rape A Woman

Amazon Delivery Boy Hypnotises and Rapes A Woman - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: A 43-year-old woman alleged that a delivery boy had hypnotised her and had even attempted to rape her in an apartment in Noida, on Monday, October 7.

According to the reports, the delivery boy came to the victim's house to pick up items that were purchased from Amazon and was to be returned. He attempted to rape her in the apartment flat.

The victim had ordered a box on Amazon, which has five small boxes inside it. She didn't like the product after delivery and filed a return request.

The delivery boy, who is a delivery associate through a delivery service provider (third party agency), reached the victim's flat and said that he will take only 4 boxes and refused to take the fifth one.

The woman had an argument with the delivery boy and the victim's sister called Amazon customer care and filed a complaint about the delivery boy's refusal to take the fifth box. Amazon customer executives assure that another man would come and collect all five boxes, on October 9.

After that the victim's sister stepped out of the house, the accused came back after a few minutes and said that he is willing to take the 5th boxes, but the victim refused to hand over the box to him.

The victim mentions in her complaint that she fell down after an argument with the delivery boy and became unconscious and was allegedly molested.

When she gained consciousness, the delivery boy was standing in front of her with his pants down. She quickly rushed into the washroom and beat him with a mob stick, the accused ran away from the house.

Amazon India said it was aware of the matter and have taken up the issue with their logistic partners. An Amazon Spokesperson said, “Safety is of utmost importance to us and these allegations are troubling. We continue to extend our support to police as they investigate this.”

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