Widow Attempts Suicide While Trying To Kill Her Daughters Due To Financial Troubles

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

Chennai: A woman Lakshmi (36) was living with her three daughters Anusuya (18), Aishwarya (16), and Akshaya (10), and were natives of Bodinayakanur here in Theni district.

Lakshmi had lost her husband Palpandi due to an illness. Due to the family going into a financial crises, the mother Lakshmi thought of Killing her daughters and taking her life as well. She mixed some pesticide in the morning coffee and served it to her daughters while consuming it herself.

The neighbours found it strange that the mother and the daughters had all not come out for the day. They then went in only to find the front door locked from inside. They called the police who broke the door open and found the four of them lying in an unconscious state.

While undergoing treatment, Aishwarya and Anusuya died, and mother Lakshmi, and Akshaya conditions said to be serious.

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