Virudhachalam: In the first incident, Manikanthan (38), his wife Sathyavathi (29) resides at Virudhachalam in Cuddalore district along with their three daughters Akshaya (6), Nandini (4), and Darshini (2). Manikanthan was said to be an alcoholic and would get himself involved in an argument with his wife every second day.

On the 24the of September, The Couple got into an argument that lasted so long, Manikanthan had to drop his wife back to her parent's place. A few days later she was made to go back to her husband's house against her will. Her mother had talked her through it. When she got off the bus to her house she could not bear to think of going back to her husband and so she took her three daughters and jumped into the canal nearby.

The mother Satyavathi was found in an unconscious state, while her two daughters Akshaya and Nandini were found dead. Ther third daughter Darshini has washed away in the canal, and a search operation is on to find her.

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