Robbers Target Delhi Woman Judge On Her Way Home

Representative image - Sakshi Post

Delhi: A woman judge in Delhi was followed by thieves while she was on her way home. She was being followed by these men for nearly three kilo meters and the robbers struck when the time at the best opportunity they got. They were on a bike following the woman and managed to snatch her bag.

Sources say that the women had not seen any police personnel along the road in all of these three kilo meters. She is an Additional Judge at the Saket courts. She was desperately looking for a police man along the way to her house but to her dismay, did not find any till her home in Kalkaji.

The thives began the chase at the Sarita Vihar underpass and got a hold of the woman Judge’s bag at the Ma Anandimayi Marg.

A case has been filed by the police and investigations are underway.

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