12-Year-Old Raped By Over 30 Men Over 2 Years, Father Arrested

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12-year-old girl had been raped by over 30 people in the state of Kerala. Her father and two others were caught for it. The incident happened in Mallapuram District in Kerala. The Girl has been shifted to a shelter home.

The incident had come to light when the girl had confided in her school councilor in a counseling session. When she was asked as to how things were at home she broke down. She had told the counselor about everything . The people listening to her story were in shock to know that she had gone through so much pain at such a young age only to keep her family afloat.

Her family was in need of urgent money, and so it started with her father’s friend. He raped her and gave her father the money he needed. He initially tried to push her mother into prostitution as well. The SI OF Tirurangadi had recorded her statement and had had gotten a medical examination, which confirmed rape.

After this, a case was registered by the police under the POCSO Act 354 and 376 sections of the IPC and arrested three people including the girl’s father. A search is being carried out to trace out the remaining accused . The girl’s mother has completely denied all the charges. She calls this a conspiracy and demands for her daughter to be given back.

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