A mob of angry villagers thrashed a police officer after bodies of two missing boys were found in a ditch. According to reports, Bihar's Muzaffarpur district's Madhuban Desi villagers found the bodies of two boys who had gone missing for the past two days, in a ditch. Upset over the tragic death, villagers gathered outside the Aurai police station and thrashed the police officer.

Villagers claim that the two missing boys were beaten to death by some unidentified men while the police tried to mislead the case saying that it was a case of drowning.

A video which went viral on social media shows a policeman running away from a group of villagers chasing him with bamboo sticks in their hands. His uniform police try to convince the villagers but they didn't listen to his word and they were abusing him.

After the Villagers attacked the police officer, police fired several rounds in the air to disperse the mob of villagers and to bring the situation under control.

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