Hyderabad Businessman Extorts Money By Blackmailing Woman With Her Nude Pictures, Held

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Hyderabad: A businessman has been arrested for blackmailing and collecting nearly Rs 13 lakh from a woman through the social media.

Mohammad Salman Nawaz Sarkar, 32, a resident of Chennai, cheated and collected the money from the victim by introducing himself through Facebook that he was a tycoon in Mumbai presently residing in Hyderabad, a police press release said on Monday.

Believing this, the woman began chatting with him and used to talk to him over video calls in private. Also, she shared some of her private pictures with him, the release said.

After a few months, the man started demanding the woman money for his business and also for his medical treatment.

Later, he began blackmailing her that he would make her pictures public, and it was then she stopped giving him money.

Following a complaint, Sarkar was arrested and remanded in judicial custody.

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