Wife, Son, Daughter Kill Father/Husband For His Pension

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Hyderabad: A few days after the body of Ex railway employee Maruthi Suthar was found chopped in many pieces in buckets, Ganga Bai (58), wife of the deceased, his son Kishan Suthar (40) and daughter Prapulla (29) had been taken into custody for the murder of Maruthi.

Maruthi was a Goods train driver. He had taken a voluntary retirement from the railways ion 2000 and has been living on pensions ever since. His wife, son and daughter also lived with him and took support of the man’s pension to support their own lives as well. Maruthi used to keep yelling at them for spending the money without caring about saving. He also was irritated at the fact that his pension money was bveing spent to buy alcohol for his son.

Vexed with the father, they all chalked up a plan to murder Maruthi. They found out that a particular plant powdered could be fatally poisonous. So hey mixed the powder in his dinner one day. The next day in the morning they found him dead in his sleep. They purchased six garbage buckets, knives and room freshners to kep the smell from going out. They cut his body into pieces and put them in the buckets. A few days later, the neighbours couldn't stand the foul smell emanating out of the house and gave a complaint to the authorities. It was then that the police came to know of the murder and have been investigating ever since.

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