Teen Girl Brutally Murdered In Medchal; Father’s Role Suspected

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Hyderabad: Medchal police arrested a man for allegedly killing his daughter and dumping her body in a garbage bin on Saturday.

According to the police, a body of 14-year old girl was found by locals in a garbage bin. They informed the police, who upon enquiring confirmed that the deceased was the daughter of a man named Subramaniam who had migrated from Toopranpet to Medchal along with his family. It is said that the victim was his first wife's daughter.

But what baffled the police was the gruesome way the girl was killed . She was said to be strangled, her eyes were gouged out, and face was cut all over to avoid identification. The body was stuffed in a gunny sack and thrown in a garbage dump on the outskirts of the colony.

After investigation, the police traced the girl's father Subramanyam and questioned him about her disappearance and murder. When the man gave vague answers, the police suspected him and took him into custody. They came to know that she was his first wife's daughter and that he was living with his second wife in Medchal.

Police are investigating whether her she was killed elsewhere and her body was dumped here. Apart from her father, they are also questioning a few family members for more details.

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